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Devotion and love for family is what set founder Tim Brecheisen on a quest to help those suffering from hearing loss. Tim has battled a personal experience with hearing loss from working on a farm. One of his children, Luke, also suffers from hearing loss due to Spinal Meningitis treatments received at only 8 days old. Luke has worn hearing aids most of his life. Tim has four sons who have also become licensed hearing aid dispensers.


“Hearing Aids have helped us so much. Our goal is simple... We want to help others overcome their hearing problems with high quality hearing instruments that really work.“




 The first EarCare office opened in 1984. Since then a number of offices have opened in three states, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New York.


EarCare has helped over 35,000 people with their hearing over the years. EarCare represents a number of leading manufactures and is not tied to just one. This enables EarCare to select the highest quality, state-of-the-art technology in many styles.


With every hearing aid fit, EarCare customers are guaranteed that a licensed specialist will work to maximize the effectiveness of the instrument through a process of checkups and ongoing services.


EarCare Offers 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee.


Tim Brecheisen,

BC-HIS Board Certified in

Hearing Instrument Sciences,


About EarCare