Know the importance of working with hearing healthcare professionals like EarCare


If you are having your hearing evaluated or are considering the use of hearing aids, you will need to speak with a hearing healthcare professional.  A hearing healthcare professional is trained to work with you to identify, treat and prevent hearing loss. Their role is both a clinical one and a counseling one. Along with a thorough evaluation of your hearing, they will also talk to you about your lifestyle, budget and other considerations – to help determine the best hearing instruments for your needs.

More reasons to come to EarCare for your hearing needs


• Great Prices and Great Service


• FREE Hearing Evaluation

Essential to determine exactly what hearing loss you have and what the best solution for you will be. Information gained from your hearing evaluation will help us in the process of programming your hearing aids to your specific needs.


• Programming services are included with the purchase of your hearing aids at EarCare.



• Care classes and follow-up.

-We teach you how to care for your investment.

-How to change your batteries.

-How to dehumidify your hearing aids.

-Answer any questions you may have.


• Free Clean and Check

We will clean your hearing aids and inspect them to make certain they are in top working order.


• Hearing aid repairs and service plans available.






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