EarCare has helped over 35,000 people since 1984, and represents a number of leading manufactures to provide the best technology available. With every aid fit, a licensed specialist is there to provide exemplary care. If you have hearing loss, contact EarCare today for a FREE no obligation hearing test!

“I Like EarCare! They Are Nice And Can Help Just About Anyone That Has Trouble Hearing!”

Paul Coker • Newalla, OK

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For over 30 years, EarCare Hearing Aid Centers have been providing quality hearing instruments and aural rehabilitation to to those who are experiencing hearing loss. We offer FREE hearing screenings to local residents, as well as cleaning and checkup services to current hearing aid users. Our centers provide a non-threatening, no obligation opportunity for individuals to discover if they have suffered a hearing loss, and to learn about the options they have available to combat it.


If the preliminary screening indicates a hearing loss, the individual is encouraged to schedule a more complete examination and test regimen to determine the exact extent and type of loss. Based on the results of the testing, each individual is counseled in the nature of the loss, and the options available to meet the needs of that loss. No instrument can replace normal hearing ability, but most individuals can be significantly helped through the use of expertly fitted hearing instruments. Our consultants are trained and licensed by the state for the fitting of hearing instruments. They are also experts in their knowledge of the types of instruments best suited for different types of hearing loss.



Tim Brecheisen


BC-HIS Board Certified in

Hearing Instrument Sciences,


EarCare offers a variety of hearing instruments containing the highest quality, state-of-the-art digital technology in all styles. From the traditional hearing aid, which fits behind the ear, to the newest innovations, which allow virtually invisible, within-the-ear placement. Our products offer reliable, clear controlled amplification. Since EarCare represents many hearing aid manufacturers, we are not “stuck” on one particular manufacturer technology.


We can provide you with the newest, most up to date technology solutions, to provide the highest level of success. All of our hearing instruments are individually programed, and crafted to the exact specifications indicated by the particular needs of the individual customer. We are always evaluating the latest technology to find the best-proven solution for each hearing aid user. Additionally, with every fitting comes a guarantee that our licensed specialist will work with the customer to maximize the effectiveness of the instrument.


“I Would Absolutely Recommend EarCare To Everybody.”

Chelle Hinderson • OKC, OK

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At EarCare, we are known for the friendly quality service we provide in all phases of aural rehabilitation. One of the biggest mistakes many people make in purchasing a hearing aid is to assume that simply placing the aid in the ear ends the process. In reality, that is the beginning of a process that requires the individual to work with the specialist to “learn to hear again”. This is especially important to consider in gradual hearing loss situations, the individual may have lost the ability to recognize certain sounds, both in speech and in the environment. We are committed to working with our clients in this effort, to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


In summary, EarCare offers our clients three valuable assets to improve their quality of life:

• Highest quality, state-of-the-art technology.

• Local, convenient access to licensed consultants.

• Commitment to “service after the sale” to ensure satisfaction.


New York


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